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SignUpGenius is used to sign up for available volunteer day/time slots at the food bank. This link provides the task and times that are needed to be filled. Volunteers may decide their ability of task and time they would like to volunteer. Sign up at the link below!


All volunteers need to attend an orientation prior starting a volunteer shift. This provides an understanding on how the food bank operates, and an opportunity for volunteers to review the rules and protocols documentation. Signed copies of the forms below will need to be brought to the orientation prior to starting your shift.


Food Box Preparation


Food boxes are prepared from 8:00-11:30 am on distribution day. Boxes should be filled in the order listed to the maximum extent possible. Ensure the prior food item type is finished being placed in boxes before moving onto the next item type. Placing heavy items such as cans and jars in two opposite corners of the box will enable better weight distribution. Fridge and freezer items are added after 10:30 am.

Filling Order:

  1. Cans 

  2. Jars

  3. Bottles

  4. Boxes

  5. Bags (e.g. rice, beans, etc.)

  6. Hearty Produce (e.g. potatoes, brussel sprouts, etc.)

  7. Soft Produce (e.g. lettuce, lemons, etc.)

  8. Crackers/Chips

  9. Small Packets (e.g. soy sauce, etc.)

  10. Bread

After 10:30 am:

Fridge/Freezer Food

  1. Cheese

  2. Butter

  3. Meat

  4. Eggs



Distribution occurs from 12:00-2:00 pm. Distribution is done in an assembly line fashion with a drive through line-up. Cars receive a ticket at the entrance booth indicating their family size (note: cars may have multiple tickets indicating multiple families). There are up to three (3) drive-up stations in the food distribution area. Each station has at least a Caller and Loader, and ideally a Runner.   


Caller -  This person is responsible for taking and calling out the ticket(s), asking the driver to put their car in park, and opening the trunk or side door for the Loader and Runner. For L and XL tickets, they are also responsible for the extra pantry staples box.

Loader - This person is responsible for loading the food box from the conveyor belt into the car. 

Runner - This person is responsible for loading any additional items for the day (e.g. milk, meat, extra produce, etc.) into the car.

Pusher - This person is responsible for ensuring the boxes move up to the front of the food distribution area for loading. They are also responsible for breaking down and putting away tables and conveyor belts as the distribution progresses.


Regular (R) Food Box + Add. Items

Large (L) Food Box + Add. Items + Pantry Box

Extra-Large (XL) Food Box + Add. Items + 2x Pantry Box

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